Water & Wastewater

Innovative approaches for managing complex water and wastewater issues.

In today’s complex and ever-changing environmental landscape, VICKREY offers an overall approach to both water and wastewater challenges by creating effective management solutions, using cutting edge technology, and comprehensive infrastructure designs.

VICKREY has completed many water and wastewater projects working in the private and public sectors. Potable and recycled water and wastewater projects have been a significant part of our practice over the last 40 years. These facilities have been designed as part of private sector land development and for both private and public utility system operators, including municipalities. Services range from system-wide master planning and capacity analysis to the design of major pipelines, production, storage and wastewater collection and treatment. We also have the capacity to fast track production of plans, specifications and estimates to meet aggressive deadlines.

Wastewater & Sanitary Sewer

VICKREY has extensive experience in civil engineering consulting and surveying for sanitary sewer pipelines and facilities including large-diameter sewer mains, lift stations, pump stations and treatment plants. VICKREY engineers are experienced in the application of trenchless technologies including micro-tunneling/tunneling, pipe-bursting, and cured-in-place pipe to minimize disruption to the surrounding environment, and we have extensive experience interfacing with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.


VICKREY offers experience in consulting and surveying for water and reuse facilities. Over the years, VICKREY have completed numerous projects throughout Central and South Texas, including water transmission mains from 20" to 72", water production and storage facilities, pump stations, chlorine and fluoride facilities, and recycled water systems. We work closely with each client to determine the most effective application for new installations, relocations, and rehabilitations. Our engineers are experienced in the design of directional drilling for large diameter mains to minimize disruption to the surrounding environment.

Water Resources

VICKREY understands how valuable Texas' water resources are, and we are committed to designing systems that promote responsible water usage, conservation and reclamation.Our water resource services focus on design of production, conveyance and treatment of water through pipelines, pumps and processes (water/wastewater) and assessment of natural precipitation and computation of open-channel flows (hydrology/hydraulics). 

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