Permits, Plats & Construction Documents

Vickrey knows the permitting process

Permitting and platting is a critical part of the successful completion of a project.

VICKREY has the experience and relationships at the various regulatory agencies, including the City of San Antonio, City of Austin, TxDOT, TCEQ, SAWS, US Army Corps of Engineers, Union Pacific Railroad, other central Texas municipalities, to expedite your permitting process and avoid unexpected project delays.

Our experienced teams stay current to the latest development codes and processes, also help recommend the best course of action for platting of your project to help save time and money. VICKREY has extensive experience preparing bid documents, construction plans and specifications, managing the bid process, and providing evaluations and recommendations.

We also perform site visits for construction observation and provide quality assurance in the review of the contractor submittals, RFI’s, pay estimates, attending progress meetings, participating in final project inspection and obtaining all project closeout documentation for the preparation of record drawings.

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