Vickrey is committed to an accident-free workplace and continuous safety improvements.

We strive for a culture where safety and health are pre-planned into every task, every day, with a mindset that every injury is preventable.

From “tailgate” safety meetings to company-wide safety meetings, Vickrey takes the safety of our personnel, our clients and the public seriously. The well-being of our company and clients is dependent on the safety of our workforce. No job is so urgent that time cannot be taken to perform it in a safe manner. Our safety culture is enabled through effective leadership, including a dedicated Safety Team, safe work practices and procedures, and education, training and awareness.­

Team Safe

Our enterprise wide TeamSAFE program starts with effective leadership and involves every team member.

Vickrey's safety culture includes a dedicated safety team, safe work practices and procedures, centralized documentation, ongoing training and awareness, and regular KPI and risk evaluations.

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