VIA Westside Multi Modal Transit Center

San Antonio, TX
Submitted by sharkadmin on Sun, 12/26/2021 - 16:44

VICKREY provided design documents for the reconstruction of the north and south parking lots and adjustment of landscape islands, and sidewalks and curbs for the parking lots.  The north parking lot included demolition of the bank drive-through facilities and layout improvements to optimize the number of parking spaces.  We evaluated Americans with Disabilities (ADA) parking design and number requirements, site circulation, and access to the building. Our team added 12-foot wide concrete bus pads on the east and west side of Medina Street between Commerce and Houston Streets. 

Improvements to the intersection of Buena Vista Street and Frio Street included pavement widening along the south side of Buena Vista Street to allow for bus thru-traffic.  Associated modifications included new and modified traffic signals, signing modifications, adjustment of an existing curb inlet, adjustment of a water line, relocation of a fire hydrant, utility coordination, and replacement of existing curb ramps with ADA-compliant curb ramps. 

The project included approximately 6 acres of topographic and tree surveys. The construction documents included grading and drainage plans, site dimension plan, traffic signal plans, a traffic control phasing plan, Tree Preservations Plan, and Utility Adjustment Plan.