SAWS Lift Station Rehabilitation Project, Phase II

San Antonio, TX
Submitted by sharkadmin on Fri, 12/24/2021 - 00:06

VICKREY prepared construction documents for the rehabilitation, elimination, or relocation of 18 lift stations located throughout Bexar County. The improvements were designed to bring the lift stations into compliance with the latest versions of the SAWS Lift Station Guidelines and the TCEQ Chapter 217, Design Criteria for Sewerage Systems. Our team evaluated the ultimate influent flows, the required diversion sewer lines, the cost to rehabilitate stations and the cost to maintain and operate stations for a 30 year time frame. We determined that two stations, Nos. 148 and 164, could be eliminated and replaced with gravity sewer lines. VICKREY reviewed existing record documents including assessments completed in 2005 and 2007, as-built drawings, O&M manuals, FEMA Floodplain maps, and SAWS maintenance records. We then conducted initial site visits to each lift station to evaluate the existing conditions and determine the necessary improvements.  As a result of these efforts, VICKREY developed a Preliminary Engineering Report which documented the existing conditions, confirmed findings, made recommendations for repairs and replacements, ensured compliance with regulations and guidelines, and provided cost estimates. We prepared plans and specifications for improvements to all 18 lift stations, assisted in right-of-way and easement acquisition, permitting through local, state and federal agencies (including CoSA, TCEQ and EPA), and bid and construction phase services.