IH-35 Drainage Design

Waco, TX
Submitted by sharkadmin on Sun, 12/26/2021 - 04:40

VICKREY prepared the plan, specification, and estimate (PS&E) for IH 35 from approximately 0.82 miles north of South Loop 340 to approximately 0.07 miles north of North Loop 340 for a total project length of approximately 7.7 miles in Waco (McLennan County), Texas. The project consisted of the expansion of the main lanes from the current six lane configuration to eight lanes (four lanes in each direction). Design consisted of the reconstruction of the main lanes, reconfiguration of the ramps, and provided continuous one-way frontage roads. VICKREY's scope included preparation of drainage area maps, hydraulic data sheets for Bridge, Bridge Class and non-Bridge Class Culverts, and detailed hydrologic computations for eight (8) cross drainage structures. The firm provided storm drainage design and storm drainage Plan and Profile sheets along the IH 35 improvements from South Loop 340 to MLK including off-system storm drainage at Valley Mills, approximately 48,000 LF. Detailed hydrologic and hydraulic design and modeling of the storm sewer was performed using WinStorm, GeoPAK Drainage and HY-8. Vickrey & Associates, Inc. performed scour analysis of the three (3) proposed bridges crossing the Brazos River. The project included FEMA coordination and data acquisition. This project also included the preparation of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P) for five phases of construction corresponding to the construction phasing.