Fort Hood Athletic Stadium Relocation Survey

Ft Hood, TX
Submitted by sharkadmin on Sun, 12/26/2021 - 05:21

VICKREY performed a topographic survey for approximately 75 acres within Foot Hood, Kileen, Texas. The topo limits were 80% undeveloped. Responsibilities included establishing GPS/RTK control for project; performing differential leveling, surveying all visible improvements and utilities, all visible utility paint markings as placed by utility locators, all trees on site, all drainage features, and manhole details and pipe inverts. Survey technicians used this raw data to develop a digital terrain model, plainimetrics, contours at one-foot intervals, utility layout, and tree survey.  All electronic files needed to conform with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Standards.  This data, along with metadata will be used for the design-build of a new stadium.