Anderson High School Campus Improvements

Austin, TX
Submitted by sharkadmin on Sun, 12/26/2021 - 17:41

VICKREY provided civil engineering for multiple phases of campus improvements at Anderson High School, including:

Science Building, Band Hall Expansion and Supporting Infrastructure Improvements - included four new tennis courts, a new science educational facility, band hall expansions, parking lot reconfiguration, additional outside utility extensions, upgrades to an existing detention pond and design of a new detention pond.

Auxiliary Gym / Dance Hall - design and construct a new 5,500 square foot Auxiliary Gym / Dance Hall with a new pond to manage the run off.

Football Field Renovations - included flattening the grades on the field to conform to standard athletic field requirements. The modifications included re-grading and re-vegetation. New grate covers for the existing inlets were called out as a safety measure since the existing grates were not attached to the inlet.

Applied Technology Building - addition of an Applied Technologies Building on the east side of the existing building, demolition of a portion of an existing drive and replacement with another drive connecting with Cima Serena, extending a fire line and other utilities to the new building, and replacing an existing pond with a single detention pond that will serve the entire school site.