Transportation and multi-modal facility expertise

VICKREY has extensive experience in the design and construction of transportation and multi-modal facilities and site development projects and has the relationships and the technical expertise to get projects designed and permitted on time and on schedule.

Our teams are knowledgeable of local transit operator’s long-term plan and plans for expansion and has committed to partnering to achieving the objective of providing first class public transportation services that are safe, dependable, and cost effective, thereby enhancing the environment and quality of life in our community. Transit facilities we serve include parking lots; parking garages; park and ride facilities; bus rapid-transit facilities; multi-modal facilities; transit parking improvements; managed and multi-purpose lane design; and ADA improvements and inspections.

Representative project types include:

  • Parking

  • Park & Ride Facilities

  • Bus Rapid Transit

  • Multi-Modal Facilities

  • Street Car

  • Site Development

  • Transit Parking Improvements

  • ADA Improvements & Inspections

  • Assistance with Toll Way and Toll Road Design

  • Managed and Multi-purpose lane design

Services include:

  • Design and layout parking lots and interior circulation plans
  • Design of new roadways and realignment of existing roads
  • Design of truck delivery routes, dock ramps, other access or delivery routes
  • Infrastructure and drainage master plan
  • FEMA floodplain analysis and submittals
  • Drainage channel option development
  • Drainage impact studies
  • Detention ponds and surface/underground
  • Storm water control and drainage improvements
  • Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAPS)
  • Utility design and master plans
  • Survey boundary and design topography
  • Tree surveys
  • Preparation of legal descriptions, exhibits, and surveys
  • Coordination of geotechnical soils investigations
  • Coordination of architecture, landscape
  • Architecture, and irrigation systems
  • Coordination of telecommunication systems, utilities,
  • And subsurface utility engineering
  • Construction administration
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Traffic studies, analysis, and integration with
  • Land planning
  • Preparation of subdivision plats
  • Feasibility studies
  • Permitting for water systems
  • Water system modeling
  • Zoning
  • Permitting
  • Public meeting participation
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