Over 100 projects involving rail design

VICKREY has performed over 100 projects involving rail design and rail surveys throughout Central and South Texas. We offer knowledge and expertise in:

  • Rail Planning Studies

  • Rail Assessments

  • Rail Surveying

  • Rail Design - rail, switches, siding, drainage, bridges, trestles

  • Industrial Rail

  • Track Replacements and extensions

  • Rail Yards, Private Warehouse, Manufacturing Facility, Business Parks, and private industrial spurs

  • Derailment Emergency Response

Our engineers are well-versed in the industry and rail companies’ design criteria for the various rail classifications and our field survey team is conscientious and formally trained to conform to safety and notification requirements while working in railroad ROWs. We provide design for railroad switches, siding, drainage, bridges and trestles, horizontal curves, and staking for design, construction, and reconstruction.

Representative projects include:

  • Lone Star Rail District Austin - San Antonio Commuter Rail Planning
  • Union Pacific Railroad / Southern Pacific Railroad - On Call Services - Over 100 rail projects involving Rail Design and Survey
  • Rittiman East and West Industrial Parks - Industrial Spur Rail Design for 300 Acres
  • Interchange East Industrial Park - 70 Acres
  • Eagle Pass Newell Salvage Yard Expansion
  • Ford Auto Distribution Facility - 30 Acres
  • Eastwood Industrial Park - 11 Acres
  • Kirby Rail Yard Expansion Project
  • Shiner Rail Alignment Post 15.80
  • Comstock Mile Post 415.87
  • Del Rio Derailment Mile Post 379
  • Union Pacific Pac West Crossover Staking
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