Public Works

Flood Control

Extensive Experience In Hydrologic And Hydraulic Design

VICKREY brings extensive experience in hydrologic and hydraulic design, regional watershed master planning, FEMA floodplain analysis, mapping coordination and mitigation, surveying, USACE environmental permitting and coordination, and project management. The firm has completed comprehensive drainage studies, floodplain analyses, and master plans for the San Antonio Salado Creek Watershed, Bexar County, City of San Antonio, Port San Antonio, and numerous other public and private land development projects.

Our civil engineers have experience relevant to roadway design, street design, linear greenway trails, Natural Channel Design (NCD), Geomorphology, Hydraulic and Hydrologic analysis of drainage natural waterways and storm sewers, FEMA CLOMR and LOMR floodplain analyses, Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAP), Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP), detention and water quality basin design, as well as watershed and subwatershed studies in highly dense, urban environments. They routinely work with many modeling programs including XP-SWMM - 1D/2D modeling, HEC-GeoRAS Steady and Unsteady, HEC-GeoHMS, StormCAD, GeoPAK Drainage, and HY-8.

Detention & Water Quality Basins

We also bring strong design experience for storm water detention facilities and water quality basins to reduce the negative downstream impacts of storm water runoff and pollutants. We have designed detention facilities throughout San Antonio, South and Central Texas and offer specialized expertise in the design of water quality basins that meet all TCEQ, COE requirements over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge and Contributing Zones.

Services Include:

  • Storm water detention facilities
  • Flood plain analysis
  • Preliminary detention sizing for site development assessment
  • Storm sewer drainage design
  • Complete detention design and hydraulic analysis for single or multiple interconnected ponds
  • Interstate and highway drainage conveyance systems
  • Regional detention basin design
  • Bridge conveyance and scour analysis
  • Design of dual-purpose retention/irrigation and detention basins
  • Complex detention designs for offline ponds that require lateral weirs
  • Sedimentation & filtration basin design which meet TCEQ requirements
  • Design of alternative best management practices including vegetative filter strips, extended detention basins, bio swales, permeable concrete, Stormceptor® and Aqualogic® filtration systems
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP)
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