Public Works


Experienced staff to develop and improve public service facilities.

From initial site planning and design through final construction, we help our clients develop and improve their public facilities including schools, libraries, fire stations, Department of Justice facilities, public transit facilities, and military installations.

Our exceptional staff offers civil engineering consulting, site planning and design, permitting, project management, surveying, and construction phase services to meet the unique needs of clients.

Representative project types include:

  • Libraries

  • Fire Stations

  • High Security Prisons, Jails, Detention Facilities

  • FBI Facilities

  • Federal Courthouse

  • Air Force Base Redevelopments

  • Army Post Exchange

  • General Services Administration Projects

  • BRAC Projects

  • Veterans Administration Projects

  • Navy

  • US Army Corp of Engineers

  • Public Safety Stations

  • Health & Human Services Facilities

  • Parks & Recreational Facilities

  • Linear Parks/ Walking, Biking, and Hiking Trails

  • Community/Downtown Plazas

  • Courthouse/Municipal Facilities

  • Infill Revitalization Projects

  • Affordable Housing

  • Historic Preservation

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