Land Development


Specialized experience for planning and design of industrial, commercial and warehouse projects.

VICKREY provides knowledge and expertise in the master planning and design of large industrial parks, mixed-use developments, commercial projects, warehouses, and retail projects. Our professionals have experience in the design of new roadways and realignment of existing roads to facilitate ingress and egress routes, truck delivery routes, new dock ramps, cargo facilities, cross docking, and other access or delivery routes.

Representative project types include:

  • Large Industrial Parks

  • Auto Distribution Centers

  • Industrial Pretreatment

  • Auto Manufacturing

  • Grocery Distribution Centers

  • Truck & Rail Distribution

  • Fueling Stations & Truck Stops

  • Refineries

Services include:

  • Land planning

  • Rail planning and design

  • Intermodal traffic

  • Zoning

  • Utility coordination

  • Traffic Impact Analyses

  • Design and construction surveying

  • Design of roadways, driveways, dock ramps, cargo facilities, cross docking and other access or delivery routes

  • Surface and underground drainage improvements, storm water control improvements, detention ponds and drainage impact analyses

  • Design and layout of parking lots and aircraft ramp pavement for repairs and/or modifications

  • Coordination of geotechnical soil investigations to support design efforts

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