At VICKREY, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with other firms in the A/E/C industry to create highly qualified, multi-disciplinary teams for large and small projects. Whether you are a national firm or a small business looking for subcontractors and strategic teaming opportunities, VICKREY is interested in hearing from you. 

Teaming Contact

We are interested in teaming opportunities with qualified, small, minority and woman-owned businesses. If your firm is interested in teaming with our firm on architectural, engineering, survey, construction or alternative delivery projects, please send your corporate resume to:

Brenda Vickrey Johnson
Phone: (210) 349-3271

Robert Anguiano, RPLS
Survey Manager
Phone: (210) 349-3271


Vickrey Marketing
Marketing Department
Phone: (210) 349-3271

Eddie Bogard, PE
Austin Division Manager
Phone: (512) 494-8014



VICKREY is pre-certified in the following TXDOT work categories:

1.1.1 Policy Planning
1.2.1 Systems Planning
1.3.1 Subarea/Corridor Planning
1.4.1 Land Planning/Engineering
1.5.1 Feasibility Studies
2.4.1 Nationwide Permit
2.5.1 Geological Assessment for
Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
2.13.1 Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment
3.2.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design
4.2.1 Roadway Design
7.1.1 Traffic Engineering Studies
8.1.1 Signing, Pavement Marking, And Channelization
8.6.1 Rail-Highway Design
9.1.1 Bicycle And Pedestrian Facility Development
10.1.1 Hydrologic Studies

10.3.1 Bridge Hydraulic Design​​​​​​
10.4.1 Storm Water Pump Station-Hydraulic Design
10.5.1 Bridge Scour Evaluations And Analysis
10.7.1 Riverine Hydraulic Design
10.8.1 FEMA Regulations and Permits
11.1.1 Roadway Construction Management And Inspection
12.2.1 Concrete Plant Inspection and Testing
15.1.1 Right of Way Surveys
15.2.1 Design Survey
15.2.2 Construction Survey
15.3.2 Terrestrial Photogrammetry
15.3.3 Terrestrial LiDAR
15.3.4 Mobile LiDAR
15.3.5 Horizontal and Vertical Control
15.3.6 Airborne LiDAR
16.3.1 Landscape Architecture
17.5.1 Civil Engineering
18.3.1 Utility Adjustment Coordination
18.4.1 Utility Engineering

*Please check TxDOT for updates after date shown or contact us with questions.


Subcontracting Diversity Program

VICKREY promotes and encourages subcontracting opportunities for small, minority, women-owned disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses (S/M/W/DBE/HUB). 

We believe in diversity and inclusion and will continue to work diligently to include a diverse mix of subcontractors and material suppliers in the design and construction of local, municipal and federal projects.

If you are a Small, Minority, Women-Owned, Historically Underutilized Business or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (S/M/W/HUB/DBE) and can provide civil engineering, surveying, geotechnical, environmental, subsurface utility, mechanical electrical plumbing, architectural or landscape architectural services, please forward a complete Statement of Qualifications to:

VICKREY & ASSOCIATES, LLC. 12940 Country Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78216
Attn: Diversity Department
or by email at

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